Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that things have progressed more than I thought. My body temp feels much cooler and going back to the herbs has helped regulate my bowels and in return has cleared my acne. The pills you prescribed in conjunction with the herbs is really making a difference. It's only been 1 week but already feeling amazing.

Andrew Harris (Merser Island, WA) 6/9/18

Julie Isogai is a Godsend. I’ve had multiple misdiagnoses from doctors, not taking my DNA, my history as a child nor traumatic events into consideration. If it weren’t for care received in the past by the few medical doctors I trust and the excellent care I’ve received from Julie, I don’t know if I would still be here!

Julie is kind, soft-spoken and is not condescending; it is evident she genuinely cares for her patients. Her goal is to see her patients get well, not needing to see her on a regular basis, nor prescribing harmful medications that have a lifetime of side effects. It is clear that this is her passion, like the doctors of old who carried a black bag and made house calls.

She is a devoted wife and mother and is the primary herbalist in her practice, trained by her deceased father, who was considered a doctor in China. Her husband, Kaz Isogai supports Hensen Herbs by greeting patients, managing their busy family life and is the backbone of their business.

I’ve seen medications from false diagnoses destroy my family of origin as well as my own health, so I prefer managing my health prefer with a combination of naturopathic approaches including lifestyle, diet, herbs and supplements. It is important to have caregivers you trust, including both medical doctors as well as caregivers who take a more naturopathic approach (herbalists, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc.). I find it ironic and suspicious when a doctor is asked face-to-face if they, too, take the medications they recommend for similar symptoms as mine yet they admit that they take supplements or a naturopathic approach instead! I’ve said for years that it is time that the West meets the East in terms of healthcare, which is why I highly recommend Hensen Herbs.

Sharon Yvonne English (Seattle, WA) 2/9/18

I had a cough for many months - too long! From the first visit, my cough and green Phlegm started to change. Slowly it has gotten better. I have tried all kinds of over the counter medicines and found that I was doing more harm than good. The herbs are not the best tasting, but they work! I have seen more recovery in 2 weeks than in the last 4 months. It's great to feel better after months of being sick.

Jenn Beherndt (Seattle, WA) 02/09/2018

Juliana does more than healing. She provides the greatest medicine of all - teaching people how to achieve an optimal health and lifestyle.I've had chronic headaches back pain, overload of yeast. All the chronic issues subsided and cleared after coming to Hen Sen Herbs. Natural healing takes time. The time is of the essence. If one wants healing, one must be patient, persistent and disciplined.

Daniyela Perzhu (Atlanta, GA) 12/14/2017

No more American doctors. Juli is the best doctor (herbalist) I ever met. It may take some time for the body to heal, and you have to be patient. But you will see the great result in the end. I feela lot better now. I am glad I finally found something that really works for me.

Lilia Litvinyuk (Tacoma, WA) 08/23/2017

Juli gets to the root source of the problem. My health issues don't come back anymore after seeing Juli.

Hans Sijera (Renton, WA) 04/10/2017

I really like your service. I will tell all my friends about it. I feel much better now.

Larisa Skobyak (Bothell, WA) 03/27/2017

I can give up coffee & sugars - I have gone farther in giving these up, and I am in much better health mentally & physically.

Harold Amundsen (Arlington, WA) 03/27/2017)

Before antibiotics (for kidney infection and bronchitis), I could eat anything with little to no ill effects. No cramps, no bloating, no pain. After antibiotic use, I went on a fast steady decline to no longer being able to eat hardly anything without being confined to my home. I'm a relatively healthy 30 years old with my Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification. I take as much care of my body and health as possible for over 10 years. I could only eat about 10 foods after antibiotics. But soon no matter what I ate I was having bad digestive reactions. I went to Juli for help. She really listened and thoroughly explained how to heal my gut and digestive system. I followed her instructions to the letter. I was very sure to also follow the Bland Diet as I was determined to get better. Seeing Juli changed my life!

Brandi Bartmess (Kalispeli, MT) 10/31/2016

I came here with my child who was having bloody diarrhea fr 18 days. I had already taken him t the hospital where the doctors took number of tests an scans but nothing helped. After taking the medicine(herbs) which Juliana gave, It stopped in just 24 hours. The medicine worked like a miracle for us. We thank you very much for the support and the guidance.

Muthu Abirami (Bellevue, WA) 10/14/2016

Good morning Juli As promise I said I would let you know how I fared on the herbs you sent. I stopped taking the Seirogan after two weeks my acid reflux is about 75% improved mostly my right ear and right side of my throat bother me. You may be interested to know that I noticed that the brown spots on my hands and face have almost disappeared also I have tiny red blood blisters on my stomach area they too are fading I wondered if this is due to the AE Pills I am taking. My tongue too before I had a deep crack down the center of my tongue and also a white film the crack has disappeared and my tongue appears to be pink. I am continuing on the A E pills and I wondered if the Seirogan pills can be used again at a later date or do they have an expiry. Also I gave my daughter one of the throat lozengers and her sore throat disappeared immediately. I am impressed. I f only I could totally get rid of the acid reflux I would be a new women.Thanks,FrancesHi Juliana yes by all means please use this as a testimonial my hands look about ten yrs younger almost clear of brown spots and red blisters on my stomach area almost disappeared. I also do feel like I have more energy. Thanks you Frances

Frances Heywood (Sherwood Park, AB Canada) 12/13/2012

........and she said that she is feeling much better. I don't know if Whopping cough works like that if she could feel better but still have it, or if she just doesn't have it at all. At any rate, I really appreciate you taking your time to help us out with this matter! I also wanted to let you know that we did get your Newsletter, and I just want to say that I LOVE IT! What a great idea! I am inspired by your article(Juli's cornor) and am committed to finding something that I too am truly passionate about. Thank you again so much for ALL you do!

Lisa Montgomery (Richland, WA) 02/13/2012

It has been 6 months since I was first introduced to Juliana Chin Isogai at Hen Sen Herbs. In a short time, I have found her to be a trusting companion on my journey to wellness and a deeper self awareness. Her skillful herbal prescriptons, dietary, mental, emotional & physical habits have been a bridge to change. Her consistency & firmness in principles is not without humor, laughter, and meaningful stories of her father and grandmother

I am grateful for her wisdom and the support of the Hen Sen Herbs Company.

Saabirah Mohammed

Saabirah Mohammed (Kenmore, WA) 04/18/2011

My daughter started to experience constipation at 9 month old. Her pediatrician thought this was the result of starting solid foods, and recommended giving her a small amount of apple juice (real juice not from concentrate) as well as Cod Liver Oil. By her 12 month check up, I had even tried giving her prune juice but none of it had helped. Her pediatrician examined her anatomoy and concluded there was no obvious physical problem. She referred us to a Pediatric Gastroenterologist. It took 3 month to get an appointment. My daughter's constipation grew worse. The Pediatric Gastroenterologist found nothing physically wrong with my daughter. She prescribed a laxative to be taken daily until she reached 10 years old. As a side thought, she also recommended a Dairy-Free Diet for 3 months.

My daughter was helped by the laxative for about 3 months, but it only resulted in a BM 2 times a week. The Dairy-Free Diet did not seem to help. We decided to try alternative health practitioners. It just didn't seem like taking a laxative for 8+ years was a good solution, especially since it didn't really improve the constipation (a BM 2 times a week is still constipation). We tried Bastyr's Naturopathic team of students and a lead Professor/Naturopath for 9 months. They were kind and could see that a child should naturally have a regular BM more than twice a week. After prescribing her various supplements during that time and not seeing progress, they referred us to a Homeopathic team. That team took another 3 months of time trying various remedies before I decided to look elsewhere.

My mom recommended Hen Sen Herbs. We came to see Juli in September 2010. At the time our daughter had a BM every 10-14 days. They were painful in passing, taking up to 30 min to pass. She started taking a very small dose of Taifu Plus and E15. Within 2 weeks of also giving her abdomen a rock salt massage, she began having a BM every 8-10 days with greater ease. After 2 months, her BMs were every 5-3 days. As of March 2011, she has BMs almost every day( or 5-6 times a week). We are very happy with these results. Our daughter has grown rapidly and become much less moody. We are very grateful for finding Hen Sen Herbs.

Holli Margell

Holli Margell (Seattle, WA) 04/04/2011

I first started taking herbs when I was 17 years old. My sister already had been going to Hen Sen and suggested that I go to him.I had bad allergies (watery, burning eyes, sneezing ,etc.) and after taking herbs, it cleared up in about 2 weeks. Since then I have taken herbs for many different reasons - from cold, flu, allergies, even hair loss. I also take 'Taifu' pills everyday. I have a sensitive digestive system and the 'Taifu' pills keep it running smoothly.Thank you Hen Sen and thank you Juli for keeping my body healthy and happy!

Miki Murakami (Redmond, WA) 03/17/2011

I was diagnosed (from ultra sound) as having a cyst in my ovary the size of a big orange in 1996. My OB recommended to remove it and have a hysterectomy to prevent getting cancer. One week prior to the surgery, I read a pamphlet that I will need to take estrogen for the rest of my life when I have my ovary removed. I may have a good chance of getting cancer if I take estrogen for a long time. I decided against having hysterectomy and get a treatment from Hen Sen instead (recommendation from a friend). After taking herb for 2 months, I went back to my OB and took another ultra sound. At that time, my cyst was all disappeared. I have had a check up regularly and there is no recurrence.

Amnit Seto (Renton, WA) 06/04/2010

Hi Juliana, this is RW. I just wanted to let you know about the DL pills. They are working very well and I am feeling a lot better. So it's working and it's helping my liver. ...and whatever it's supposed to do. It feels like...it also made may stomach stronger ….and more endurance. It's working just fine. So I just had to tell you and let you know about that. If there is any more that can be done..I would like to know about it...so....Thank you ...Bye

R. W (Kirkland, WA) 05/27/2010

Hi Julie,

I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have been extremely busy with a job, that fortunately is now completed. I have been taking the Taifu pills as directed, and feel that it is helping - my allergies have subsided, and the main part is that last month I had much less spotting, and it was directly before my cycle started (I had a total of 7 days of spotting/bleeding). I am continuing to take the pills, and am hoping for the same again this month. If there is anything new that I should try doing, please let me know.

Thank you for your time!

S. R. (Tacoma, WA) 05/13/2010

Hi Julie!

I want to say that the pills worked wonders for my cramps.. it took the pain away and I only had to take it once... It kinda gave me a weird tummy ache for just a few min. but I was ok after that. My boyfriend loves the MOXA tool and always wants me to work on his back, and now he can play golf without having back pains... just like my mom.. she comes over with a massive headache then I will work on her shoulders and back... then after that she feels good. I also put some of the Kwan Loong Oil on the side of her forehead.. and her pain goes away.. she now doesn't take Tylenol, she just comes over and makes me work on her.. It makes me feel good that I can help my family with their minor pains without taking meds. I'm gonna have to come in and get some Tea for my mom and myself and also the DTF pills.. Hope to talk to you soon and have a great weekend!!


Hi Julie,

Yes! you can use my feedback on your website. That would be great. And also I just want to say Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and helping me with my health problems, you are really, really a life saver for me. I have never felt this good and have energy in a very long time and I'am so greatful to have met your father and especially you to helping me and educating me in Herbal Medicine and doing other alternatives for healing instead of taking medications. I will definitely pass this down to my children. The healing will never be lost.

Thank you Julie!

Stacy Guinto (Seattle, WA) 10/02/2010

Juli took a lot time listening to me and my concerns. She evaluated by situation and made recommendation on what she believes would help me. Juli was very confident that she could help me without being arrogant. She seemed truly interested in getting me healthy.

.......I am Anglo and usually in a hurry. I wanted Juli to Fix me so I could just keep on what I was doing. She has got me to think differently and to work on changing my diet so I will not need herbs. This was amazing to me. My condition has improved in a short couple of weeks

Greg Viscars (Federal Way, WA) 09/18/2009

I already got my order today, I couldn't believe it-!! Wow, you guys are fast, thank you so much for getting that out so quickly. I'm so glad you guys are keeping the business going for Hen Sen. I was so sorry to hear of his passing and I was afraid the business would close. You guys are doing a great job of revamping things. I have not found anything that works for me as well as the Hen Sen herbal products. They are superb. I'm so happy I'll still be able to get them, for a long time, I hope. Thank you, also, for the brochures. I will take a look at everything and let you know if I have any questions.
Much appreciated, Pam H.

Pam H. (Des Moines, WA) 07/10/2008