Anti-Viral Herbs

Anti-Viral Tea has an anti-inflammatory effect and regulates the steady state of the immune system, alleviates allergic inflammation, and allergic asthma by clearing the eosinophil infiltration in the airways. Note: Anti-Viral Tea is One of the Ten most famous herbal formulas; it’s used for colds, influenza’s, cough, bronchitis, asthma, edema, whooping cough, excessive phlegm, and saliva. Traditional Chinese Medicine remedies for influenza virus are not specific for virus strains. Instead, the herbs provide general action to help boost the immune system response, so it can eliminate the virus faster. At higher dosage, the Anti-Viral Herbs have inhibitory effects on viral reproduction. We don't fight a virus, the treatment principle using Anti-Viral Herbs is to expel pathogens such as viruses or wind cold energy by sweating, urination and strengthening your immune system.

When we are sick or not feeling well, our bodies naturally increase our temperature in various degrees. This is what we call a fever. Whether it’s a high temperature or just a little over normal, we need to make sure that we ‘break’ the fever. By oppressing the body’s temperature with western medicine, it only helps to suppress the increased temperature; it doesn’t change the underlying issue, which is that it’s still trapped in our bodies. With the Anti-Viral herbs, we are encouraging the body to become warm, promoting sweating to allow for the trapped pathogen and toxins to be released from the body. But it still takes time for the body to release lingering excess heat from the fever. Continuing usage (at least 2 weeks if you have suffered the fever caused by the virus) of Anti-Viral Herbs would help build strong antibody to protect the lungs. It is highly recommended that you drink lots of clean filtered (and boiled) water, eat easily digestible food like Congee, and rest well. We don’t want the fever to come back with poor choices after you think you feel better.

Not only are herbs important for our overall health, but we also need to make sure our diet and lifestyle is also in line. When we have a good diet (refer to Bland Diet Suggestion), good lifestyle (being active and resting well), we are able to create a stronger foundation for our immune system compared to someone who may not do these things. Adding herbs as a form of prevention and as a form of healthcare further creates building blocks for a strong immune system…with a strong immune system, prevention becomes the best medicine.

Do I need to drink Anti-Viral Herbs?
If so, how long should I be on it?

Answer depends on how severe your current health condition is. If you are already experiencing persistent dry cough, thick phlegm, fever over 100.4F (38C), chills and sweats, aching muscles, sore throat, fatigue & weakness, nasal congestion, and headaches; we strongly suggest that you contact us immediately and schedule an appointment with Juliana so she can properly guide you through. Chances are your tongue is covered with furry coating which is a clear indication of virus infection, weakened lungs and compromised immune system. Juliana will most likely advise you to drink FULL DOSAGE of Anti-Viral Herbs (2 cups a day) every day for 14 days or so. We also strongly recommend that you follow Traditional Herbal Basic Flu, Cold and Fever regimen (while you are on Anti-Viral Herbs) which consists of UPR Respiratory Support (Nourish & strengthen the lungs), D12 (Enhance Immune system), Gum Wall Tea and Lok Wo cha.

If you are not severely ill, or you just want to take Anti-Viral Herbs for preventative purpose, you may choose to adjust the dosage, frequency and the duration (i.e 5 days instead of 14) accordingly based on your condition. For example, you may choose to drink just one cup of Anti-Viral Herbs a day instead of 2 cups/day (or even half cup/day), or you may share the half the herbs with your family member. Or you may simply follow Traditional Herbal Basic Flu, Cold and Fever regimen instead.

Regardless of your health condition, it is important to maintain a strong immune system through good diet and lifestyle on a daily basis. And please contact us with any questions or schedule a consultation with Juliana if you are have the symptoms mentioned above.

The price of Anti-Viral is $40.00/packet. And each packet produces 2 cups of tea total. It means that 14 packages of herbs ($40.00 x 14) are recommended if you are tested positive for COVID19 or already experiencing the symptoms listed above. Again, you may choose to reduce the dosages, frequency and the duration according to your health condition.

Anti-Viral Herbs Cooking Instructions

**You will be cooking twice to yield 2 cups of Anti-Viral Tea total.

  1. Put one herbal tea pack and 3 cups of filtered (or distilled) water in stainless-steel pot.
  2. Let the herbs soak in the water for 5-10 minutes
  3. Bring to a Boil (Boiling process usually takes about 10-15 minutes)
  4. Turn down the temperature to Low-Medium/Low (One a number scale, if 10 is high heat, you want to be at 3-4)
  5. Let it simmer with the lid on for about 45 minutes to 1 hours until the tea is reduced to 1 cup
  6. Strain the tea into a cup
  7. Repeat the steps above one more time to make another cup of tea

If you are already ill and experiencing a high fever and other symptoms associated with virus infection such as persistent dry cough, thick phlegm, chills & sweat, aching muscles, sore throat and etc., Drink 1 cup of Anti-Viral tea around 6 pm in the evening, and drink one cup in the morning before breakfast. Make sure to drink it warm every time.

For those of you who are not severely ill, please adjust the dosage amount, frequency and the duration accordingly based on your health condition.

Anti-Viral Herbs will naturally raise your body temperature and expels pathogens as you sweat. If you have fever, it is critical for you to bundle yourself up and sweat as you rest in bed since this is the proper way to reduce the fever.